Saturday, January 30, 2010

Welcome Home... (the m.i.a edition)

G-Shock Glide.. Don't judge me I got it 50% off.. (UATW hookup) *kanYe shrug*

Mark Veca x OriginalFake

Supreme Parka

Mighty Healty "Rihanna"


Lou Reed x Supreme (pretty sure most Ns don't know who Lou Reed is)


OriginalFake (side note: I need to clean my lense shit!)


Mos Def x Undercrown
I think Undercrown is for the most part wack but I got the shirt for $12 off of jackthreads and I fux with Black Dante heavy so it was an easy cop.

Mos Def x Undercrown

(W)Taps x Supreme


(W)Taps x Supreme


Mighty Healthy "Rihanna"

OriginalFake x New Era

Kaws x Nike Air Max Currents

Somoas AND shortbreads EARLLYYYYYY

Questlove x Nike Air Force 1 premium

The Simpsons x Kaws x Vans Chukkas
FINALLY got my hands on these after damn near 2yrs of searching!

I had already beat it on 360 but I no longer have a 360 in my possession (another story) so I gave my 36o copy of COD to my personal trainer. I copped the PS3 and COD game basically cuz I was bored...

DQM x Nike "Bacons" Air Max Currents

Bought 2pr of the 2010 VIs retros and yes I bought the 1st retros on the same day...*kanYe shrug*

I'm sure there's a ton of other ish I bought too but I'm just too lazy to search for it and if you know me then you know my memory is TERRIBLE!!!

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Anonymous said...

youre a fuckin HYPEBEAST

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