Friday, February 26, 2010




I honestly can't remember the last time I took a BATH! Don't get it fucked up I wash my ass via showers but I can't recall the last time a made a tub of water for the intended purpose of relaxing, soaking and washing.


Is it me or are baths kinda gross? You're literally basting in your days worth of filth... I think if I did take a bath after I was done I'd drain the water and run the shower over my body which pretty much is a waste of water.

I don't know why....

...but whenever I'm out and about and I come across a young fashionable female clutching a cup of coffee I find it incredibly SEXY. I think maybe I just like the idea of a young, chic, business minded chick handling her business.

I dunno...

*kanYe shrug*


It's so nasty to me. I mean the shit stains your teeth, makes you shit like a bitch, and makes your breath stank. Knowing this; it adds another parallel to the confusion why I like young girls that drink coffee..

hmmm.. I have so much inner turmoil lol

Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Just meeeeee and youuuuu, ohhh bay-bayyyyy..." - Raphael Saadiq

I have friends that make special concessions to others outside of their relationships to appease their friends which truly baffles me! Whenever I've been in a committed relationship I always had the mind state of "it's us against THE WORLD". I think thats the way it should be because people would rather see you unhappy than happy a large majority of the time! Who's gonna look out for your happiness? Them? I think not...

"...damn things done changed!" - Christopher Wallace

I had to do a double take! I thought it was Epic Beard Man for a sec!

Welcome Home...

Stussy x J Dilla x Stones Throw tee's..

Nike Air Jordan Retro III "Mochas"

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I think boxer briefs are so sexy! Can I see you in them?

who is this 1st of all?

Ask me anything

If you had a kid out of wedlock would u be ready? mentally? financially? is abortion an option at this age?

I'd be ready.. wouldn't be mad at all. Abortion isn't an option because I would relish the opportunity to be a father

Ask me anything

why dont you want to get married again?

because I'm scared of splitting up again.. the worse feeling EVER plus I don't see a benefit to it other than life insurance

Ask me anything

funny since we're gettin married


Ask me anything

Boxers or briefs?

boxer briefs.. that way I get that security yet they ain't in the crack of my ass

Ask me anything

do u want kids?

I did when I was married but since I'll NEVER get married again and I don't want kids outta wedlock its not looking good

Ask me anything

where r u from since u r southern?

The F-L where the thugs dwell, the Sunshine state with the high crime rate aka boring ass Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Ask me anything

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


ON MY MOMMA I WAS CRYING FROM LAUGHING AT THIS SHIT! I would've been just like them dudes in the background...


... imagine walking in someone's crib and seeing a cardboard cutout of ol' Calvin Broadus w/ flowers in tow just posted up in the living room! Tell me you wouldn't laugh!

Louis Vuitton Sunglasses Concept

Man these are fucking CRACK! Not for everyday wear but damn you can't knock the dopeness of these!

I'm tired of this weather! TRULY TIRED!

Nigga just RETIRE!

There are some things in life that we come to expect or know is constant like:

- We know the sun will rise and fall daily
- We know terrorists will NEVER be stopped
- We know that the Yankees will always dominate

but one thing everyone knows is that T-MAC will NEVER play a full season healthy!


Groupie Love...

Meeting celebs has never done anything for me. I always just look at them as regular folk but sometimes I do watch them a lil' extra when I see them in public just to see how they carry themselves in everyday life.

The only time I ever truly showed my ass when meeting a celeb was when I met Shaq my senior year. I was finishing up my senior yr in Indianapolis at Pike High School (went to live w/ my pops due to some tomfoolery) and I had a part-time job at Loews Movie Theatre. Well the Lakers were in town to play the Pacers and I guess homie had a lil' downtime because he sure strolled up in there with Shaunie.

I was at my register and I noticed a fucking giant ducking through the enterance coming inside. The 1st thing I thought was "damn that dude is tall" and went back to helping a customer. He got in my line and when he approached the register I looked up and it was Shaq dead in front of me!


Mannnn, I started shaking like a bitch and studdering my ass off. He said "What up bro? Can I get a small popcorn and a fruitopia?" I started preparing his order and I was taking forever because I was shaking so hard that I kept spilling the popcorn outta the bag. SMH @ myself.. I guess he sensed my excitement/shock/nervousness because he said "chill lil' dude can you hurry up please because I don't wanna miss my movie." So I finally got my bearings together gave him his shit and dapped him up with was like shaking Jesus hand in my eyes at that time! As soon as he went into the movie I started jumping up and down screaming like a fucking bitch! Again SMH @ myself..I ran to the break room and called my Dad and Uncle blabbering like a fucking pre-teen after a Jonas Brothers concert...


The crew photographer Francois Tomas snapped this picture of me when we played ball at Menchville Church on Sunday. He captured my exasperation of having to stop playing ball to listen to "the word"... LMAO

I go HARD for my Girl Scout cookies!

This is my WORK stash! Don't let me run into one of them lil' heifers slanging some in the mall! I'll probably buy 4 more boxes! I truly love this time of the year because I stock up on these shits like I'm preppin' for a winter hibernation! These shits are bartering tools! Folks just don't realize the power of Girl Scout cookies. I could probably get a person to rob someone if I offered them a box of Somoas!

Moes excusion

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE fucking moes! E can attest to this!

moving along...

Erin, Tommy and I randomly decided to hit up Moes to "shoot the shit" and catch up.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Ever since I saw that episode of Family Guy where Peter was addicted to living out his fave movie Road House I've become addicted to saying "Road House!" all day long at work!

Well, I guess I was getting on everyone's nerves saying "ROAD HOUSE!" all day long coupled with the fact that I had NEVER seen it much to their surprise, so when I came to work this was on my desk!


Welcome Home...

Vintage Cazal 955's.

I guess I'll be channeling my inner Stanley Burrell this summer..
*searching for genie pants*

They come with side shields but I took them out... I'll probably put them back in I just wanted to see what they look like without em'.

Monday, February 15, 2010

This was a terrible day in Micah History

February 11, 1990.

That day will live in infamy in my life. That was the day pussy ass James "Buster" Douglas beat one of my fave ppl on earth Michael Gerard Tyson in Tokyo! I remember that shit like it was yesterday! Man I ran to my room and cried! Lawd have muuuurcy! Seeing Mike Tyson get his ass whooped was like seeing Superman getting fucked up by Lex Luther!

Anyone who knows about this fight knows that Tyson got cheated like a mawfucka! When Tyson dropped Buster's bitch ass the ref fucked up the count. He was too busy telling Tyson to retreat to his corner when he should've been doing the count. The lapse in proper refereeing afforded Buster's bitch ass a good 6-7 secs to get his bearings together...


Ugandan Sk8 Park...

Something outta nuttin...

I used to watch the SHIT outta this!

This Nigga Here... we just gon' have kitty kat backgrounds Neef? SMDH!!!

I'd give my left nut to have this!!!

What you see here is the original scouting report done on His Royal Airness Michael Jeffrey Jordan when he was sonn'n niggaz on the low back @ Laney High. The script at the bottom of the paper is a hand written note by the god Dean Smith.

The illest shit about this to me is his dope ass stat of 25pts per game but having that followed up by "unknown". Boy folks slept on this nigga HEAVY!!!

What a difference a Haircut can make!

I recently went 2 weeks without getting a haircut which is RARE for me. I mean I quite neurotic when it comes to my personal appearance. At one point in my life I used to get my hair cut twice a week! But anywho, I didn't get my hair cut because of the snow storm and also I ain't wanna break my haircut cycle of either Friday or Saturday. Man I looked a hot mess! It was so bad that even the white folks at work was asking me questions like "Micah are you ok?", "...bro wtf? you need to get haircut!" or my fave "Are you growing an afro?"

This Nigga Here...

...As if I needed another reason to dislike this nigga he gets caught dead rocking a fuckin' DOOOOOK jersey. SMDH...


Anyone who's been to my crib knows that my shit used to be quite bland. I didn't have anything on the walls. I got tired of looking at my boring ass bachelor pad so I've started make steps towards jazzing that bitch up...

Here are a couple of Kaws prints I bought. They were quite inexpensive and they do their job of adding flair and conversation to my crib.


Yo, I went and saw "From Paris with Love" yesterday as a part of 'Love Thy Self Day' aka Valentines Day and I THOROUGHLY enjoyed it! If you like smart ass, funny, crass dudes killing folks in insane ways then this movie will be PERFECT for you!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Are you circumcised? If not, do you use your penis for stress relief?

yes i'm nipped...

Ask me anything

why do you capitalize the A?

because my last name is Amey so instead of typing my whole name Micah Amey I just type micAh...

Ask me anything

Welcome Home...

Getting these was quite a headache. Well not really because I already had mine on lock. I had to jump through flaming hoops to try to get my boys theirs.

I need to "complete" the family... I just need some sneaker "downtime", meaning I just need a good month and a half where there aren't any shoes I want releasing.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Welcome Home...

Vintage MCM Sunglasses...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Welcome Home...

Today's Footwear

Dear Courtney Keeton,

Is that a fucking BOOGER in your nostril!??!




I was on base getting a tire put on my new rim that came in and this was the change I got back:

At first I thought nothing of it til' I took a double glance at it and immediately my face scrunched up. It's not everyday you receive a $20 with "Death to the U.S. Govt" w/ Andrew Jackson dressed up like Adolf Hitler while on a military installation.

That back was even better:

"Pres. Clinton is a child molester" & "7/4/9 Marshal Law in U.S."

Who is this person that asked the last like 7 questions...they are so cool!

ummm lemme guess this tard hillary banks wanna be named Shittney

Ask me anything

Ever farted before but then sum doo doo came out??

when I was younger and wasn't able to gauge my flatulence properly

Ask me anything

to see wat it smells like duh?

why would I smell belly button lint?!

Ask me anything

ever parted the "red sea" before? ...think about it...

it this means fuck a bitch on her period then FUCK NO

Ask me anything

have u ever dug in your belly button and then sniffed ur fingers? haha!

ugh! why would I do that!?

Ask me anything

Ever came in a girls face before and it got into her eye?

nope.. I've made it hit her in the back of the throat which made her choke and it came outta her nose...

Ask me anything

Be honest: ever tried to give yourself head before? honestly


Ask me anything

What do you feel about squirters?

I've always wanted to see it with my own eyes! I think it's fucking awesome!

Ask me anything

Would you let a girl play with ur butthole?

fuck no

Ask me anything

After sex do you go wash and or you like to lay on the cum stained sheets?

I get a washcloth and get my boosie on and "wipe me down"

Ask me anything

What goes through your head as you plunge into the vagina?

"please don't nut quick!"

Ask me anything

Why not fat girls?

theyre gross...

Ask me anything

do you want kids? how soon?

I wanted kids but I only wanted them in wedlock and since I never plan on getting married again kids will not happen for me unfortunately.

Ask me anything

When you pick your nose, where do you put the booger?

I snot rocket a majority of the time.. picking a booger is a last ditch option and it depends on where I am.

Ask me anything

Monday, February 8, 2010

"Bedroom Boooooommm, Bedroom Booooooommmm..." - Ying Yang Twinz

I have THE WORSE bed etiquette!

- I hog the blanket
- I've been known to elbow a person in the face while sleep
- I guess I "poot" in my sleep.. so I've been told
- I talk in my sleep.. so I've been told

*Blank Stare*

Robert Swift coming to a hood near you...


I got this plaque today at work... why? because I go hard!

Welcome Home...

FINALLY my fucking scarf came in! Jesus I paid for this shit on 15 Jan! I had to open a case on eBay against this nigga! *sigh* wooooossssaa! At least I got the shit I guess. *kanYe shrug*

Union x Mos Def

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