Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I go HARD for my Girl Scout cookies!

This is my WORK stash! Don't let me run into one of them lil' heifers slanging some in the mall! I'll probably buy 4 more boxes! I truly love this time of the year because I stock up on these shits like I'm preppin' for a winter hibernation! These shits are bartering tools! Folks just don't realize the power of Girl Scout cookies. I could probably get a person to rob someone if I offered them a box of Somoas!


LMJ said...

1 word to sum this up FATTY

micAh! said...

shaddup! I ain't eating them all at one time!

LEX$ said...

What is with niggaz and shortbreads? Can't stand them shits. A nigga at my job bought 8 boxs, ALL shortbreads. I got a nigga to work for me this Saturday for some Samoas. Lmao

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