Monday, February 15, 2010

This was a terrible day in Micah History

February 11, 1990.

That day will live in infamy in my life. That was the day pussy ass James "Buster" Douglas beat one of my fave ppl on earth Michael Gerard Tyson in Tokyo! I remember that shit like it was yesterday! Man I ran to my room and cried! Lawd have muuuurcy! Seeing Mike Tyson get his ass whooped was like seeing Superman getting fucked up by Lex Luther!

Anyone who knows about this fight knows that Tyson got cheated like a mawfucka! When Tyson dropped Buster's bitch ass the ref fucked up the count. He was too busy telling Tyson to retreat to his corner when he should've been doing the count. The lapse in proper refereeing afforded Buster's bitch ass a good 6-7 secs to get his bearings together...


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