Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Protect Ya Neck!!!" - RZA

I remember one time I got into a fight with this nigga named Mike Scott. We was throwing errant punches at each other and missing for about 3 minutes... Well my dumb ass got stole on with the most VICIOUS jab ever because I looked at a car passing by that had some big ass rims! FAIL on my part major! Yo this niggas jab hit me so quick and hard *pause* that I was on my ass with my fist still up wondering "wait, why am I on the ground?" That punch literally knocked the fight outta me because as soon as I got to my feet I said "man this shit is gay, i'm going home" smh @ mysef 2x's! I didn't feel that punch until later on the night and man did I have a crazy headache!


RB said...

That is the worst case of ADD ever. The coach and I discussed it, and we're gonna have to put you on the bunch.

Much love,

LMJ said...

awww you're like a girl u see something big & sparkly & you get distracted smh

micAh! said...

shaddup ya'll! lol I was young..

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