Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gym Pet Peeves

If you follow me on twitter or are my friend on FB then you know all I talk about is working out. Since I work out so much I've accumulated a list of shit that people do in the gym that annoys me.

1. Leaving sweat behind on the equipment.
- Yo, this is my NUMBER one pet peeve because its beyond disgusting. Muthafucka wipe your damn fluids off of the fucking bench and machine! That's nasty! Especially when it's some sweaty ass dude who's been sweating like Shaq in the 4th quarter! People truly don't realize what contained in their sweat! Bacteria, traces of urine, etc... So, whenever I hop on a machine/bench after some one gets done and I notice their sweat on it, I IMMEDIATELY wipe that shit off while glaring in their direction so they'll know the disdain I have for their actions.

2. Taking too long with the equipment.
- Now I don't mind if you're doing mad sets of a particular exercise but don't be on ya phone and talking & joking while others are sitting their waiting to use the shit!

3. Excess Noise
- When I'm throwing up that weight and it's getting tough I'll grunt while I'm straining. Who doesn't? It's not uncommon for people to do this while working out. But if you screaming and yelling, sounding like a Badger giving birth, and I look over to see a big dude throwing up some bitch weight you're going to immediately activate my *side eye* and it will be shot in your direction. Negro shut the fuck up if you're not REALLY getting it in. If you want attention that bad then take your ass on American Idol.

4. Trying to show off
- Homie, EVERYONE has to start somewhere! Don't be in the gym trying to show ya ass by attempting to throw up some weight you clearly can't handle! I don't feel like running over to help lift the bar up off ya dumb ass and plus you look foolish as fuck failing like a fish outta water trying to get the weight up! Hard work will get you where you wanna be...


5. Looking at yourself NON-STOP in the mirror.
- I'm guilty of this. But I don't do it for the vanity reasons a lot of people do it for. I do it to make sure my form is correct and to see how my muscles look while being strained by a particular workout. I HATE seeing muthafuckas starring and posing in the fucking mirror while they're supposed to be working out! Man, if you don't take your fake Mr. Olympia ass home and pose at the crib! Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit!

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The McPoyles said...

Too Funny, especially that video! I had to link it back to my blog, classic! Yeeeahhh Buuuudddy!!!

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