Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ridiculous Caloric Intake...

While I was in Chicago they Taste of Chicago Food Festival was going on. If you been keeping up w/ me via FB & Twitter than you know I've been dieting and working out like crazy! This was a chance for me to finally lose my damn mind!

The world famous Giordano's chicago style deep dish stuff crust pizza! THIS SHIT WAS BEYOND GOOD! I've had authentic NY pizza while in NYC and now I've had authentic Chicago pizza and I can say without a doubt that Chitown runs this pizza game!

Bacon Cheeseburger w/ a Fried Egg on top.. FIRE!
stir-fry from Flat Top Grill. The bread was so crack!

Soul Food from Paschals in the ATL aeropuerte..

EVERYONE kept sweating my nuts about this Garretts popcorn that's a staple of Chicago. The way ppl was biggin' it up you'd swear Jesus teardrops was in each popcorn kernel! It was aiiiiiiiiight. I don't see what the big deal was honestly. I'd eat some Crunch & Munch and wouldn't notice that big of a difference.

Kobe Beef Hamburger w/ Gorgonzola Cheese! PURE HEAVEN


lmj said...

all that shit is a heart attack waiting to happen

micAh! said...

believe me I've been in the gym EVERYDAY since I've been back!

Kirk said...

pizza looks sooooo good

micAh! said...


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