Friday, July 9, 2010

Sometimes being a good friend is OVERRATED!

Last Saturday was one of the worse days of my life! Did a family member die? NO! Did my dog die? NO! Did my crib burn down? NO! No good readers what in fact made last Saturday such a dreadful day in my life was the fact that I used MY money to buy a pair of fucking Kobe's for my friend (who has now fell a couple of rungs down the friend ladder for asking me to cop for him).

I was at the Nike Outlet, which was appropriately located on the southside of Chicago (nike knows their demographic like the back of their hand), so I called all of my people up to see if they wanted me to cop them anything. Of course Tommy had to be an extra ass nigga and request some fucking Kobe shit...

If you know me, then you know I despise Kobe "Bean the Rapist/Snitch" Bryant with every muscle fiber in my body! So copping these took inner STRUMPF that I didn't realize I had and to make it worse this fuckery was captured on film by my homie Sunny (who is a Kobe dick rider as well).

Nobody better not EVER question my loyalty as a friend!

*still fumming*

side note: I heard that Kobe's are the preferred footwear choice of rapist and snitches around the country mainly because you can sneak up on your victims and drop dimes on people without being heard.

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