Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thirsty by. Jessie Davis

I drank from honey filled streams & ate what warm dreams...are made of....chocolate coated promises murderous acknowledgements...venom dipped words bled from your mouth that day...see I resisted that poisionus imprisonment the temptation of never acknowledging my existence for the sake of getting lost in you...but I'm lost in you. Hidden in the recess of your shadows lost at the edge of all your battles. Carelessly mistaken for your sheild of protection...your sense of validation that murder can come in all forms these days. Yet I drank from your cup greedily...gluttonous is what I am...jealous of your ability to be so abundant...so bountiful in the business of heartbreaks. My heart aches. My heart breaks. My heart aches. And still I drank...

homegirl is Talented!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Micah! I appreciate the <3!

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