Monday, August 30, 2010

Oh yeah...

hmmmmm... nothing better than a fit women. Ya'll can have ya "thick" broads.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

PSA to the ladies...

"Oh you knew me when you was eating $30 worth of snow crab legs..."

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Present: Peanut in ATTACK MODE!

Stalking the prey

Ears back = prepare to go in for the kill


"Thats yo' ass Mr. Postman!"

"The beginning of his death roll"


"...ya hairline is like a Just Ice record, it goes way back!"

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Welcome Home...

DS OG Nike Air Jordan XIV

DS Nike Dunk High LE "Michigan"

DS Nike Huarache Low LE

"The Morning Tango" By: ME *gasp*

-I pretend to be sleep when you get ready for work in the morning I enjoy watching you slyly through barely open eyes

-I know your daily routine like I know the the stats of my favorite sports teams and yet still I watch you..

-Daily I struggle to not interrupt the calm on my face from grinning from your actions

-You make me want to chuckle when I watch how you tip toe around so you won't disturb my slumber

-You're too cute..

-I watch you apply unneeded make up to your already perfect face

-I count the brush strokes along side you as you brush your beautiful hair

-That's the same beautiful hair that I'm privileged to caress at night, I'm lucky

-I laugh in my head as I watch you fret over which pair of pumps compliment your pencil skirt the most

-I want to break my silence and give my opinion but I enjoy watching your decision making skills at work

-I gaze at you in amusement as you continue your on going battle with yourself and the placement of your keys "dammit I could've swore I placed them on the credenza!" I hear you annoyingly mutter to yourself

-Again I want to break my personal code of silence and inform you that you left them on the kitchen table but this is too entertaining..

-As you make your normal breakfast of a bagel and a half glass of orange juice I hear you say "damn here go my keys!"

-At this moment my dimple is on full display from trying to quell my laughter

-I get it together and reestablish my bearing as I hear those sexy heels striking against the hardwood floor

-I sense your presence, I can feel you standing over me, you have a supernatural aurora about you

-Then I feel the displacement of my body weight as you lean on the bed so you can give me the customary kiss on my head as you whisper "have a good day baby, love you"

-I channel my inner Oscar worthy actor and mutter "ok boo you too, love ya" in a false sleepy voice that would make Denzel Washington proud!

-As you depart the room I hear you scream out "don't forget to let the dog out and feed him!" as if I didn't already know that

-Then I hear the door close and lock behind you.

-I roll over on your side of the bed and inhale "you" thinking how I can't wait to do this morning tango all over again...

Matisyahu @ The NorVA 8/25/10

I went to see Matisyahu last night and it was dope like always.. This man never disappoints.

Footage I shot of him performing his hit "King Without A Crown"

Welcome Home...

OG DS Nike Air Griffey Max

Monday, August 16, 2010


Friday, August 13, 2010

"Party, Party, Party lets all get wasted..." - Gucci Mane

This looks singular picture makes it look like this party was EPIC on so many levels!


a big girl w/ fashion sense = RARE

I have no idea how I randomly stumbled across this chicks blog but whatever.. Since ya'll SWEAR I hate fat chicks I decided to give homegirls some shine...

visit her blog HERE

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Green With Envy

At times I envy your pillow.
How intimately it knows your dreams.
The way it caresses your face for hours and hours.
You’ve shared your fantasies together.
Laid in the dark and whispered your secrets.
Prayed to the Heavens.
Painted worlds of vibrant colors and even flew together.
At times I envy your pillow.

At times I envy your pillow.
How it embraces your head with a firm grasp of what your mind desires.
The way it soothes your tortured mind.
You’ve shared your tears together.
Laid down all of your troubles and escaped the world.
Prayed to the Gods.
Painted scenes of wet dreams and even fought wars together.
At times I envy your pillow.

At times I envy your pillow.
How it’s the last thing to touch you at night and the first thing you feel in the morning.
The way it cradles your mental rumination like a newborn child.
You’ve shared your failures together.
Laid and wallowed weeping like a willow.
Prayed to the Creators.
Painted parallel realms and even sang on the mountains of Zion together.
At times I envy your pillow.

At times I envy your pillow.
How it has become creased with the most wonderful shape I have ever come to know.
The way it has memorized your methodical musical snore.
You’ve shared your laughter together.
Laid down your trepidation and melted with its touch.
Prayed to the Divine.
Painted myriads of peaceful backdrops and even rode the back of Pegasus together.
At times I envy your pillow.

At times I envy your pillow.
How it has felt you grow in both age and wisdom.
The way it soothes your temples and nestles your tired neck.
You’ve shared your sweetest taste of success together.
Laid in luxuriously lavish layers of love.
Prayed to the Most High.
Painted fields that extend beyond the sky and discovered that fish, not birds, really do fly.
At times I envy your pillow

By: Jessie Davis

Beauty and Brains.. She's a rarity...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Liquid Cocaine = NEVER AGAIN

Monday, August 9, 2010

Farewell Shark Week! We barely knew thee...


ten things about yourself

-i find solace in solitude

-i have a.d.d

-my memory is terrible

-most animals love me

-crimes against children enrage me

-never had acne

-fave color is red

-die hard cowboys fan

-die hard yankees fan

-if i hear "hollaback girl" i flip...

nine things you’ve thought about recently

-my next trip miami, chicago or ny?

-when is andre' 3000 going to drop a solo cd?

-should I buy myself a new mac for xmas

-is eric actually going to come thru w/ these tix/passes

-am i going to cop the long sleeve comme des garcon shirt from cmon on friday

-what items to put on sale at the shop

-would I be a good father?

-my next tattoo

-i wonder if g-shock will repair my spike lee 1500?

eight ways to win your heart

-being able to cook good southern food

-being a yankees fan

-being a cowboys fan

-being a FSu fan

-good gifts that required thought

-having my momma like you

-having culture & class

-having tattoos

seven favorite bands/musicians



-the roots

-stevie wonder

-daft punk

-rage against the machine

-bob james

six things to do before you go to bed

-watch sportscenter

-check my ebay

-update my blog

-check my facebook


-watch my dv-r'd shows

five things you wish you could say to five different people right this very moment

-lose weight

-quiet complaining


-what did I do to you for you to act in this manner?

-i'm sorry

four things you’re doing right now

-watching mtvu

-watching an ebay listing

-txting a homie

-downloading mark ronson's new track w/ ghostface killah

three things you’re scared of


-losing my mom

-burning to death

two things you want to do before you die

-Go back to Paris

-have sex in an airplane

one confession

-i don't trust my own judgement towards women anymore

This ALWAYS makes me laugh

Welcome Home...

Swagger x Nike Terminators

BBC T-Shirt

Original Fake New Era

Penisula Town Center weekend randomness

If you're ever at the Penisula Town Center on the weekend then you're guaranteed to see this tomfoolery going down

solace in solitude

Apparently quite a few people find it odd that I do a large majority of my activities alone. I'm fairly confident in saying that it isn't that I'm NOT a people person; hell anyone who's met me would probably agree that I'm quite personable. I don't have a real psychological explanation for my penchant of wanting to be by myself other that the fact I just enjoy my own company. I'm not a lonely man BY FAR! I have a solid core of friends that I kick it with regularly and I'm always attending various events. I just find an extreme peace in wanting to be by myself. I go to restaurants, the movies, museums, and various other places by my lonesome and I have a GRAND time doing it! People think it's weird, ok I'll take that. I'm a weirdo.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Welcome Home...

Scooped them the other day. I forgot to post em' cuz they're not that big of a deal.

Me rockin' them back in the day!
(peep the cross colors hat, fuck that steelers jersey! my grandma bought me that jersey so I was OBLIGATED to wear it)

Vote NO! Prop 8!

I was pleased to read that the judges in CA overturned the Prop 8 ban. (let the gay jokes commence) I was against Prop 8 from the beginning so this was great to see. I don't understand why folks get SO bent outta shape on how others choose to live their lives! They ain't breaking no laws or harming anyone so mind your fucking business!


If you are a heterosexual man and you do not like Shark Week then you need to be castrated! Moving along... Shark Week is the SHIT! It makes me truly feel like a piece of crap for NOT having a high def TV. I know this shit would be 100x's better in full HD glory!


One day I'll quit being cheap and get a new TV.


Monday, August 2, 2010


*me in Paris age 11

...we'll meet again Paris.

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