Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"The Morning Tango" By: ME *gasp*

-I pretend to be sleep when you get ready for work in the morning I enjoy watching you slyly through barely open eyes

-I know your daily routine like I know the the stats of my favorite sports teams and yet still I watch you..

-Daily I struggle to not interrupt the calm on my face from grinning from your actions

-You make me want to chuckle when I watch how you tip toe around so you won't disturb my slumber

-You're too cute..

-I watch you apply unneeded make up to your already perfect face

-I count the brush strokes along side you as you brush your beautiful hair

-That's the same beautiful hair that I'm privileged to caress at night, I'm lucky

-I laugh in my head as I watch you fret over which pair of pumps compliment your pencil skirt the most

-I want to break my silence and give my opinion but I enjoy watching your decision making skills at work

-I gaze at you in amusement as you continue your on going battle with yourself and the placement of your keys "dammit I could've swore I placed them on the credenza!" I hear you annoyingly mutter to yourself

-Again I want to break my personal code of silence and inform you that you left them on the kitchen table but this is too entertaining..

-As you make your normal breakfast of a bagel and a half glass of orange juice I hear you say "damn here go my keys!"

-At this moment my dimple is on full display from trying to quell my laughter

-I get it together and reestablish my bearing as I hear those sexy heels striking against the hardwood floor

-I sense your presence, I can feel you standing over me, you have a supernatural aurora about you

-Then I feel the displacement of my body weight as you lean on the bed so you can give me the customary kiss on my head as you whisper "have a good day baby, love you"

-I channel my inner Oscar worthy actor and mutter "ok boo you too, love ya" in a false sleepy voice that would make Denzel Washington proud!

-As you depart the room I hear you scream out "don't forget to let the dog out and feed him!" as if I didn't already know that

-Then I hear the door close and lock behind you.

-I roll over on your side of the bed and inhale "you" thinking how I can't wait to do this morning tango all over again...


RB said...

Aww, the Grinch's heart grew two sizes that day :-)

K-Dub said...

Aww this is too cute. Micah's account got hacked cuz I can't believe I'm seeing this correctly.

micAh! said...

@robert - stfu lmao
@katie - I got 100's of poems.. I just never shared them. lol

fc3arch said...

Awesome! THX for sharing.

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