Monday, August 9, 2010


ten things about yourself

-i find solace in solitude

-i have a.d.d

-my memory is terrible

-most animals love me

-crimes against children enrage me

-never had acne

-fave color is red

-die hard cowboys fan

-die hard yankees fan

-if i hear "hollaback girl" i flip...

nine things you’ve thought about recently

-my next trip miami, chicago or ny?

-when is andre' 3000 going to drop a solo cd?

-should I buy myself a new mac for xmas

-is eric actually going to come thru w/ these tix/passes

-am i going to cop the long sleeve comme des garcon shirt from cmon on friday

-what items to put on sale at the shop

-would I be a good father?

-my next tattoo

-i wonder if g-shock will repair my spike lee 1500?

eight ways to win your heart

-being able to cook good southern food

-being a yankees fan

-being a cowboys fan

-being a FSu fan

-good gifts that required thought

-having my momma like you

-having culture & class

-having tattoos

seven favorite bands/musicians



-the roots

-stevie wonder

-daft punk

-rage against the machine

-bob james

six things to do before you go to bed

-watch sportscenter

-check my ebay

-update my blog

-check my facebook


-watch my dv-r'd shows

five things you wish you could say to five different people right this very moment

-lose weight

-quiet complaining


-what did I do to you for you to act in this manner?

-i'm sorry

four things you’re doing right now

-watching mtvu

-watching an ebay listing

-txting a homie

-downloading mark ronson's new track w/ ghostface killah

three things you’re scared of


-losing my mom

-burning to death

two things you want to do before you die

-Go back to Paris

-have sex in an airplane

one confession

-i don't trust my own judgement towards women anymore

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