Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Finally had Abuelos last week..
It wasn't bad, it wasn't great. The portion was good and the price was good too so I can't complain really...

You don't want it w/ Peanut! #FACT

I came home and decided to see if Peanut was still up to par on his combat skills training...

He's still got that killer edge..


Monday, September 27, 2010

DC Excusions

The story behind this picture is hilarious!

We were at Nordstroms off-rack (I think) inside of Potomac Mills and Tommy saw these huge ass size 20 shoes. Immediately I said "yo take a pic so I can twitpic this shit!" Well as soon as Tommy started taking the picture some lil' dorky kid walks over trying to look at the shoes in my hand while fucking up the shot. Without skipping a beat Tommy looks at the kid and says "oh so you wanna be in the picture?!" That shit pretty much startled the shit outta that poor kid and he says "Oh oh, I'm sorry sir" and scampers off..

Tommy is a fucking bully.


Wasabi sushi restaurant inside of Tyson's Corner Galleria.

I can't front when I saw this I was amazed because I have never seen so much sushi in my life! Hell, I went to HS in Japan for a few years too!

This was the line to get something from Georgetown Cupcake.

As you can see it was WELL worth the 20-25 min wait! Tommy murdered that shit!

We ended the day in Chinatown...

...and grabbed some food from Matchbox Pizza Bistro.

Welcome Home...

Nike Air Jordan Retro I (2001)

DS OG Nike Air Tech Huarache

Comme Des Garcons x OriginalFake x Dover Street Market

Monday, September 20, 2010

Found my new DRUNK DANCE!

...And he wanted TOP CB money?

My FAVE twitter comments:

"Revis out for the game with a torn ego" @TAK3OV3R

"Randy Moss just took a sunbath and ordered a Corona on #RevisIsland" @jemelehill

"I am so switching bodies with Randy Moss." @Jesus_M_Christ

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kobe who?

"Septem-burrrr..." (c) Radric Davis aka Gucci Mane

My cranium will be stylishly warm this fall/winter...

(available @ Cream)

Jeffrey Ocampo photo exhibit at Cmonwealth

A nice precursor to a dope night...

Inked Up pt. 1

click to see pics

Friday I finally went under the needle to get started on my chest piece. This was long overdue because when you're friends w/ the tattoo artist its way harder to come to agreements on what would be a good design! So we literally went back and forth for damn near a year on various ideas. Last month I FINALLY got him to agree to an idea for a chest piece.. WHEW!

So here we go! Part 1 of my chest pice of Zeus fighting Hades...

The stencil

1st break

2nd break


If you're in the 757 area then hit my boy Tanane Whitfield at Studio Evolve in Va Beach. He's official with that tattoo gun!

"WHO THE FUCK WANT WHAT!" (c) Memphis Bleek

If ya ever feeling froggy and wanna leap the screen name is: its_micah

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Path Back

My future, I never met you yet we got so much in common

The day we link up my god it's gon be a problem

Already trying to destroy us, they can't fathom

How we a perfect fit yet we cut from different patterns

Tried not to gravitate towards ya like a moth to lantern

Tried to turn around but look at me breaking out a u-turn

A cavemen with the women, now feelings are modern

An ex-hermit with love, turn my apartment in a cavern

Felt like I consumed spicy food, I dealt with the heartburn

Cowered from the light, my vision had transformed to nocturne

But you grasped me by collar and made sure I made a return

Back to you…

Look at us looking like the new cliff and claire huxtable

Everything you feed me I devour every single morsel

And I’m talking your knowledge and wisdom, not a food staple

I feel sure-footed with you don't feel like I might take a tumble

now I wanna get Rosetta Stone to learn new dialects

to tell you good morning and good night after we have sex


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Supreme x Vans

This new collab drops this Thursday. I think I'm going to go w/ the navy, grey or black Old Skool instead of the Half-Cabs.


Going Up?

When I saw this picture it immediately made me think of this commercial lol...
The state of VA is trying to take the homie E-vil down but he's still doing it big in his 25th hr!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Kings of Leon x The Black Keys x The Whigs

My boy hooked me up w/ VIP tix to the Kings of Leon concert that also featured The Whigs and THE BLACK KEYS (who I dig!). The show was dope as shit and I met some cool people... NICE
I can't believe my beloved Florida State Seminoles got that ass taxed so bad! When it got 4 minutes into the 3rd quarter I just turned the TV off and went to sleep...smh

Welcome Home...

Friday, September 10, 2010

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