Monday, September 27, 2010

DC Excusions

The story behind this picture is hilarious!

We were at Nordstroms off-rack (I think) inside of Potomac Mills and Tommy saw these huge ass size 20 shoes. Immediately I said "yo take a pic so I can twitpic this shit!" Well as soon as Tommy started taking the picture some lil' dorky kid walks over trying to look at the shoes in my hand while fucking up the shot. Without skipping a beat Tommy looks at the kid and says "oh so you wanna be in the picture?!" That shit pretty much startled the shit outta that poor kid and he says "Oh oh, I'm sorry sir" and scampers off..

Tommy is a fucking bully.


Wasabi sushi restaurant inside of Tyson's Corner Galleria.

I can't front when I saw this I was amazed because I have never seen so much sushi in my life! Hell, I went to HS in Japan for a few years too!

This was the line to get something from Georgetown Cupcake.

As you can see it was WELL worth the 20-25 min wait! Tommy murdered that shit!

We ended the day in Chinatown...

...and grabbed some food from Matchbox Pizza Bistro.

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