Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Path Back

My future, I never met you yet we got so much in common

The day we link up my god it's gon be a problem

Already trying to destroy us, they can't fathom

How we a perfect fit yet we cut from different patterns

Tried not to gravitate towards ya like a moth to lantern

Tried to turn around but look at me breaking out a u-turn

A cavemen with the women, now feelings are modern

An ex-hermit with love, turn my apartment in a cavern

Felt like I consumed spicy food, I dealt with the heartburn

Cowered from the light, my vision had transformed to nocturne

But you grasped me by collar and made sure I made a return

Back to you…

Look at us looking like the new cliff and claire huxtable

Everything you feed me I devour every single morsel

And I’m talking your knowledge and wisdom, not a food staple

I feel sure-footed with you don't feel like I might take a tumble

now I wanna get Rosetta Stone to learn new dialects

to tell you good morning and good night after we have sex


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Colors Blend said...

Nigga whatever lol.

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