Monday, September 5, 2011

Oh really Soulja Boy?

So I just read a post on TSS about Soulja Boy spitting the following line "F**k the FBI and the army troops … fighting for what? Be your own man… I’ll be flying through the clouds with green like I’m Peter Pan" on this song. WOW is the only word/s I could really muster up in my initial response to hearing/reading this.

I posted the following comment on TSS:

I come from a proud military tradition. My grandfather was a nurse in the Korean War where he was exposed to various chemicals which transformed into leukemia later in his life. He never blamed the US Government (even though they pay him a monthly check for this) because he felt like helping saved ppl’s livea was worth risking his personal safety. My father is retiring from the air force after 30 yrs in service this December. He often was deployed to support many conflicts abroad where he didn’t agree with the policies of the Commander-in-Chief that was in office at the time but he put his personal feelings to the side to execute the mission at hand because that’s what a professional does. As for myself, I will hit my 10 yr mark of current active duty service in the USAF next march. I’ve served under Bush in the post 9-11 era under policies that I felt where grossly misleading and yet I still did what was asked of me because the feeling of contributing to something greater than thyself outweighed my personal beliefs. I’m currently serving during this Obama era and yet I’m still knocking out old Bush policies that Obama is trying to right. Even I still lace my boots up and put on my uniform because it’s my job and I’m a professional. For Soulja Boy to say fuck army troops is grossly incompetent and appalling. To diss the same troops who sacrifice their freedoms to give him his freedom of speech (that he’s abusing) is the ultimate slap to the face. I rarely wish ill will upon a single soul but I hope he gets whats coming to him…

Looks like I just freed up some room on the HD. sn: I only had that shit on there cuz it's good workout music. FORREAL. lol smh

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Pop N Fresh said...

I'd boycott too but I was never a listener of his music.

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